Інформація обраного розділу

Сompany roofing is one of our main specialties. We have years of expertise in serving different kinds of roofs in New York and have thousands of satisfied customers. We install any kinds of roofs and have an excellent reputation among the local community.



Our team is highly trained and proficient. They always do their best to ensure your satisfaction from your roofing project. They ensure reliability, durability, and stability of your roof. When you opt for our residential roofing services, you invest in the highest quality. In additioon, you get unmatched performance and dependability. We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior roofing services.

When should I replace my roof?

When you notice worn out granules and curling shingles, your roof needs a replacement. It is advisable to buy a binocular and examine your roof from the ground. You don’t need to climb up on your roof for your own safety – just hire our experienced roofing specialists.

What happens if I wait too long to fix my roof?

In most cases, if you wait too long to repair your roof, a simple roof repair can result in more serious damages. For example, if your roof leaks, this can lead to mold growth on your insulation, drywall stains, ruined carpets, and furniture. Therefore, our best advice is to take care of the roof leakage as soon as possible!

My roof leaks. Do I need to have it totally replaced?

It is not necessary. Leakage may result in the weakening of some flashings or because of the damage of some parts of the roof. However, the destruction of the roof, as a rule, is irreversible and is a consequence of improper installation or the quality of materials used during roof installation.




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